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How To Grow Chives From Seed

How To Grow Chives From Seed

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Chives are a milder member of the rambunctious garlic family, their hollow green leaves lending a mellow version of the familiar flavour. Planted in rich, moist soil and with plenty of sun, chive plants will take off quickly. Home-grown chives have a depth and complexity lacking from those that are bought wrapped in plastic. The biggest reward for growing them yourself is the edible purple flowers, a perfect, garlicky flourish when sprinkled over a homemade quiche, pizza, or salad.

Sow into 1x 1L Rice Husk pot

  • Make 10 – 15 small evenly spaced divots, and sow 1 seed per divot (about 2-3cm apart)
  • Sow no more than 0.5cm in depth.
  • Cover lightly with soil.
  • Keep the temperature around 14-21°C
  • Gently water (don't water directly onto the seeds if possible).


  • Sun: place in a sunny spot with minimum 3-4 hours of sunlight.
  • Sprouting: germination usually takes 10-21 days
  • Thinning: No need to thin chives.


  • There's no set time to harvest chives; harvest about 60 days after sowing, when the leaves are at least 10-15 cm tall.
  • Cut leaves from the base of the plant. Chives will die back over Autumn and Winter, but will come back again in the Spring.

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