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How To Grow Parsley From Seed

How To Grow Parsley From Seed

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Native to the Central and Eastern Mediterranean, parsley is a particular feature of European, Middle Eastern, and North African cuisine. A relative of celery, parsley grows extremely well in the UK. Given a sunny position and rich, well-draining soil, it will thrive in gardens or indoor containers. The parsley you grow at home will have a brighter, better flavour than what you buy from a supermarket and be unrecognisable from the dried green flakes that come in a jar.

Sow into 8cm Coir pots

  • The small coir pots can take 2 seeds each.
  • Sow 2cm apart, then carry on as per the coir tray instructions.
  • Sow 0.5 cm deep and lightly cover with crumbled soil.
  • Keep the pots between 5-32°C
  • Gently water (don't water directly onto the seeds if possible).


  • Sun: place in a sunny spot with minimum 3 hours of sunlight.
  • Sprouting: germination usually takes 10-21 days.
  • Thinning: When the sprouts are 2-3cm tall, it’s now time to “thin out”. Pinch out the smaller sprouts so only the bigger, stronger sprout is left in the pot.
  • Transplanting: See "How To Transplant". 


  • As soon as a stem has three or more consecutive clusters of leaves growing on it, it is ready to harvest.
  • Cut the outer portions of the plant first, and cut the stems at the base of the plant to encourage new growth.

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