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Potting Up My Plants

You've received your plants, great!

But now you want to plant them out into your shiny new container, pot or planter. Well, my friend, you've come to the right place for a quick guide to potting up you plants.

How to pot up my plants

Here are 5 easy steps to potting up a healthy container. If you're interested in styling your plants in your container, check out our guide to 'Filling your pots' and some design tips in this article.

Take the plant from its nursery pot by squeezing the pot to loosen the soil, then tip the pot sideways & pull at the base of the stems while cupping the soil to dislodge the plant and root system

1. Pour the soil up to the bottom of your largest plant
2. Plant the root ball firmly in the soil
3. Then continue filling the soil around it, up to the bottom of your next largest plant
4. Plant the next root ball and continue the process until all your plants are firmly secured
5. The base of the stem of all your plants should be level with each other - all 2 inches below the rim of the pot


Finish up, by filling in the gaps with more soil.

potting up

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