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Toms, Chillis and Beans

Toms, Chillis and Beans
It's time to get growing this seasons fruiting crops! 🍅
Here's Charlie saying hello and giving an overview of what's in the box 👋
Scroll on down for deets on how to make your potting mix and sow those seeds. ✌

Make your potting mix

💥 Top tips

🥣 For hydrating your coco coir 🟤 - use the largest bowl (or preferably largest saucepan) you have - it'll make life much easier and you can then do all the coir in one go.
📦 Your box makes for the perfect mixing tray! If you're on our 3 x 🌱🌱🌱 option then your box won't be big enough to make it all in one go. Just start with half the coir and half the nutrient mix  >> pot up your 1st fabric pot >> add the remaining coir and nutrient mix and pot up the rest 👊 


Sow those seeds

🍅 Toms - Lay seeds on the surface of the soil and then sprinkle a fine layer of soil over the top, just covering them very lightly.
🥶 Chillies - Use a pen or pencil and create a hole and put 1 seed into each one. Space them around 4cm apart. Make the holes approximately 5mm deep and cover with fine soil (no lumpy bits). NB chili seeds can take longer to germinate, sometimes up to 4 or 5 weeks – be patient with these ones 😊. They also like a warmer spot (room temp or above, consistently) so try not to leave them by a drafty window. The seeds prefer warmth over light initially. 
🏃‍♂️ Beans - Just like for chillies but make the holes 4cm deep, then cover over and water well.


Water regularly (ideally every day) and keep the soil moist - without being soggy. Then, just give your plants as much light as you can! 🌞

Seeds prefer a gentle watering 💦 why not create a home-made watering can with a rose like we did? 
As ever, any issues or q's - just drop us a line!

Happy growing,
Charlie and Rob

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