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Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers
It's time to get growing some wild f***ers team!
They'll bring a splash of colour to your spot across the season, and the bees and the butterflies will adore them.
Here's some words and a few quick vids on how to get going...


Seed Bombs

Wild flower seed boms are the friendly bombs that grow. Gardening grenades filled with flower power potential 💣

You can join forces with nature to transform unloved spaces with a blast of life and colour!

Easy to use. You don’t need to be a gardener and there‘s no need to plant or water them. Seed boms will simply grow where they land, so find a patch of earth and give them a go! P.s. It'll take some time, and a bit of rain, for them to germinate! ✌

 Wild flower seed bomb image



Make your potting mix 

 💥 Top tip

🥣 For hydrating your coco coir 🟤 - use the largest bowl (or preferably largest saucepan) you have - it'll make life much easier and you can then do all the coir in one go.
📦 Your box makes for the perfect mixing tray! Throw in your hydrated 💦 coco and add the nutrient mix. Get stuck in and mix away 👊 


Sowing your seed mixes

 💥 Top tip

Load up your pots with your potting mix and just gently compact it all down (but not too firm such that the roots cant grow down! Give it a bit of water now, so that it doesn't shrink down too much when you water in the seeds. 

There are two seed mixes in your kit!
- Cornfield Mix with 5 different classic wild flowers; and
- Meadow Mix with around 26 wildflower varieties.

Each of these mixes will work well in our 1L rice husk pots. To sow, take a pinch of seeds and scatter them evenly and thinly across the surface of the pot. Then, cover with a super fine layer of soil, so they are just covered over. You can use all your seeds, but you don't have to. You will get a jam-packed floral display either way, and if you have any excess you can always sow them outdoors somewhere as an extra experiment! 


Water regularly (ideally every day) and keep the soil moist - without being soggy. Then, just give your plants as much light as you can! 🌞

Seeds prefer a gentle watering 💦 why not create a home-made watering can with a rose like we did? 


 As ever, any issues or q's - just drop us a line! 📞 💻

Happy growing 🌿👍
Charlie and Rob

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