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Our Mission


2021: Our Mission - A message from Rob and Charlie.


Our mission in 2021

Greener homes, greener streets.

2021 Plan:

  • INVEST 1% from future orders to re-greening projects that have maximum impact on climate change: we’ll be supporting projects, charities, communities and organisations that do things like enhance nature and biodiversity, or improve our air and water quality with nature-based solutions. 
  • JOIN THE CONVERSATION about re-greening our areas: we’ll be releasing a newsletter every couple of weeks or so about the issues in this space, looking at the problems and the awesome work being done.
  • GET INVOLVED in local regreening projects: Rob & I will be actively taking part in re-greening projects this year; we’ll give you guys regular updates and let us know if you’d like to join in!

We look forward to keeping you all updated on our progress across these three pillars. 


Charlie & Rob