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Our Mission

2021: Our Mission - Hello from Rob and Charlie.

Hi guys! Charlie and Rob here, the founders Of Box and Sprout. 

We’re on a mission to make growing sustainably easy and straightforward to do at home, particularly for people who don’t have much space. 

We believe that growing things should be fun, simple and sustainable. That’s why we created Box & Sprout.

When we started growing there was so much information it was really hard to know what to grow, and how to grow it, particularly in our small city flats.

At the garden centre we had to buy 50L bags of compost, which was a pain on the bus, and we only really needed 5L for our pots. 

After some research, we realised most compost is really unsustainable as are plastic pots, almost half a billion of which end up in landfill every year just in the UK.

We make grow-your-own boxes that contain everything you need to grow from seed to plant. Without single use plastic. Without unsustainable soil. And without all the hassle.

So that you just enjoy growing your own fruit, veg, wild flowers, mushrooms, herbs and much much more.

We have a subscription, where we deliver everything you need to grow a variety of in-season plants. It’s super flexible - you can skip months, cancel anytime, ask any questions.

If you have any questions get in touch. 

Thanks so much for dropping by!



Charlie & Rob