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4.7 ⭐ Rating | 🚚 London Zones 1-4 | 💸 Free Delivery Over £50
⭐ Rated 4.7 | 🚚 London Zones 1-4 | 💸 Free Delivery Over £50

About Box & Sprout

Welcome to Box & Sprout and thank you for checking out our store. Have a look around and if you’ve got any questions, please do get in touch.

On this page, you’ll learn a bit about what makes us tick.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help anyone create their dream garden, without the fuss.

What We’re Doing About It

We’re making shopping for gardening products simple and convenient. We know how overwhelming the thought of gardening can be, particularly for busy people. We want to help people create their own little garden paradise and enjoy the journey.

We're focussed on London, for now. Apologies to anyone outside of London - sign up to our newsletter to hear when we expand to your area!

Why We Think It’s Important

  • Wildlife / biodiversity 

Creating green spaces in urban centres really helps to promote biodiversity. Bees and butterflies spread pollen, meaning more, healthy greenery. Even the small bugs can be fed on by birds. It all adds up and helps to build a more sustainable ecosystem, which we think is a great thing. 

  • Mental health

Ever been over-stressed? Overworked? We think gardens (no matter how small, or even indoors!) can become a sanctuary for us to unwind. The health benefits of engaging with nature are well documented, and we think healthier, happier people leads to a healthier and happier future.

  • A healthier planet

We know the planet is in a perilous state. The indicators from our natural world aren't good. CO2 levels are still rising and the rate of change to combat it isn't fast enough. We think we can all play our part in creating a healthier planet. Plants absorb CO2 and help to clean the air. We love that!

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our getting started guides:

Who Are We

At Box & Sprout, we’re building a team of gardening designers, horticultural experts and gardening enthusiasts. We’re a small team (for now), but we love working with people that:

  • Aren’t afraid to be different
  • Care about the planet
  • Love nature and want to help biodiversity
  • Care about people
  • Get a real buzz helping to create relaxing and beautiful outdoor spaces


A word from Charlie Chappatte, Founder

What’s your background?

After 6 years working in corporate life in marketing and sales roles, I was looking for an opportunity to do something different.

How did you start on Box & Sprout?

Rob, who’d started Box & Sprout a bit earlier reached out to me. I loved the idea right from the start.

I have two major interests in life; the outdoors and great stories. Box & Sprout gives me the chance to do both; spending time deepening my understanding of nature and (trying) to tell great stories about what we’re doing as a business.

What’s your garden situation?

I’ve just recently moved into my new house in Oxford. If I’m honest, the garden is a mess. I spent a whole weekend clearing bindweed (which was everywhere) but it’s still pretty unkempt and looking pretty sad. It’s certainly a project, but I’m loving it.

 rob photo

A word from Rob Ford, Founder

What’s your background?

I’m trained as an engineer, and spent years working everything from large scale sustainable energy projects to renewable lamps for African homes.

How did you start Box & Sprout?

I grew up next door to a farm, and living in London I missed that connection to nature.

During lock down, I noticed that lot’s of my mates started getting much more involved with their plants and outdoor spaces. So I started Box & Sprout selling potted vegetable plants to people around London, and it’s really evolved from there!

What’s your garden situation?

In classic London-style, I don’t have a garden or even an outdoor space. I’ve got some plants growing on windowsills and a load of house plants though, which help keep me sane!

Thanks for reading! If you’re curious to learn more, check out some of our guides: