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Why grow with box & Sprout

Straight-forward growing

You just plant the seeds and get growing! We'll do all the research, selection & sourcing.

Everything you need, delivered

No need to make trips to the store; pots, compost, seeds & instructions all provided.

on hand to help

Got any questions? We're on hand to help - drop us a Whatsapp, DM or email!

"Could the Box and Sprout model be the future of how we shop, grow and care for plants and vegetables?"

30% off our food Growing system

The Plan

Do you want to go from a Plant Killer to a Vegetable Winner? We carefully design our growing system, so that you're growing the right plants in the right season in the right pots with the right soil. We want you to grow some easier plants and some harder plants, so that you get hands on and wide-ranging experience.

The Seeds

We select new seeds each month for us all to grow. We know what to grow each month, in-tune with the seasons, we select organic seeds with high germination rates from our trusted seed suppliers. 

The Compost

Making soil is an art and a science. That's why we do a lot of the hard yards for you - we use sustainable, peat-free coconut coir as our base, and include our very own Box & Sprout nutrient mix at precisely the right ratios to make your plant growing a success

The Pots

Did you know, nearly half a billion plastic pots end up in landfill in the UK each year? We use fabric pots made of recycled plastic bottles; they're way healthier for the plants, look and feel great, and much better for the environment

Growing Instructions

We know that growing things can tricky. That's why we share our carefully researched and simplified growing instructions in every box and with every plant. We're also on-hand to answer any questions.

the food growing system

4.7 ⭐ 31 Reviews

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What we're growing this month

Courgette 'Patio Star'

Curly kale ' Halbhoher Grüner Krauser'

Oriental Red giant Mustard 

what our growers are saying...

"I'd recommend the subscription to anyone who's looking to add to their plant collection and grow their own in a small city space."


Laura R.

"And me, always a plant killer, now has happy green plants about the place!"



"Innovative plant ideas every month, which you build yourself (5-10 mins), perfect way to unwind from any stress at home."



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How it works

We deliver Every 1 or 2 months

  • Sustainable seeds, pots, soil & guide

You grow

  • Get planting!

You eat!

  • Chow down on some delish food!


Oh and we're 100% carbon neutral.

Because, you know - we give a sh*t.

"I can't wait to try it all, but especially the Kale as I've never tried it 🙈. The pots are lovely and everything included is such a great quality. I'll definitely highly recommend you guys."

Box & Sprout vs. Others

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the food growing system

4.7 ⭐ 31 Reviews

Carefully Designed Plan

We make the plans, so you don't have to.

Quality, Organic Seeds

The best seeds we can find.

Ideal Compost

We give you just the right amount of the right compost.

Sustainable Pots

Great looking, sustainable pots.

Clear growing Instructions

We make clear and simple growing instructions.

Get started for as little as £8.40 today

Includes free shipping, cancel anytime, 100% refund if you're unhappy. 

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