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⭐ Rated 4.7 | 🚚 London Zones 1-4 | 💸 Free Delivery Over £50

Plastic Pots Return Scheme

Plastic pots. 

They're ugly, they're not great for the planet, but there's no avoiding them right now.

Sadly most nurseries and growers still use them, as they are actually very good for things like water retention and helping grow healthy plants.

But that doesn't mean we think it's great.

So what are we doing about it?

Well, we're offering plastic pot return scheme.

If you've potted on your new plants and place another order with us, you can give us your old pots. If they're in good nick, we'll reintroduce them into the supply chain. Reusing is much better than recycling!

But if they're not in great nick (which we know can easily happen!), we'll recycle them responsibly with our recycling partners.

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