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4.7 ⭐ Rating | 🚚 London Zones 1-4 | 💸 Free Delivery Over £50
⭐ Rated 4.7 | 🚚 London Zones 1-4 | 💸 Free Delivery Over £50

Botanical Name: Liriope muscari

Liriope Muscari - Big Blue Lilyturf

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Why we love it

Looking to add some delicate blue colour to your space this Autumn?

  • Perfect to plant now: all our plants are perfect to plant now and we select perennials, so they'll live on year after year
  • Low maintenance: she's a low maintenance girl; only needing an occasional watering (weather-dependent), and some dappled shade.
  • Natural beauty: with a mixture of delicate blue flowers and deep green pointed leaves, she'll always remind you of the power and beauty of nature.
  • Perfect for city gardens & in containers: pop her on a tabletop, or add her to any pot collection for a burst of colour in Autumn.
  • Gorgeous green texture: Lilyturf will burst with colour in Autumn, while her deep green leaves will add texture throughout the year

Pot Size: 3L


Plant: height 40 cm x spread 35 cm

Nursery Pot: height 15 cm x diameter 19 cm


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I highly recommend to anyone who loves nature and may be stuck in a flat in the city

Nikhil, London

Lovely products and excellent service

Caitlin, London

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Liriope Muscari - Big Blue Lilyturf likes

Liriope Muscari - Big Blue Lilyturf likes

🌞 Light
Full shade, Partial shade

💦 Water

📐 Height & Spread
40 cm & 35 cm

🌵 Compost-type




Full shade, Partial shade


West–facing, East–facing, North–facing

Fully grown

0.1–0.5 metres


Flexible with their delivery times, plant arrived in immaculate condition

George G., London

Brilliant service, and the plant arrived in great condition (and as impressive as pictured)

Peter S., London



📆 Season of interest:
Summer, Autumn

🌷 Flowering time:
August, September, October, November

🌸 Flower colour:

🌿 Foliage:


🍂 Foliage colour:

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A species of low, herbaceous flowering plants originally from East Asia, but invasive to North America and considered a threat to native wildlife.



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